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Better Advertising and Events is a full-scale event planning company that manages all types of public, social and company events.

We would be happy to consult you on all aspects of your event.We are fully committed and 24/7 available to identifying our client needs and deliver professional consulting to meet the ultimate goal of the event.
Event Management
Event planning requires foresight, follow through and attention to detail. You need to see the big picture and end product.We wanted to create a company with the experience, skills and knowledge to help any event
Event Operations & Logistics
Event operations and logistics is where all the time spent planning the event comes together in the execution of the event. We design the project plan including all the details like identifying the
Crisis Management Planning
Our prior experiences have given us the opportunity have a solid PR plan in place, along with prepared statements and responses to the public and participants.
Permits and City Liaison
Knowing where to We can help secure the proper permits needed to stage the event along with working closely with city officials on the event logistics.
Develop a plan to efficiently move participants and or spectators between venues, from airport to hotel along with securing the vehicles needed to handle the job in a better way.
Signage Planning
We create a cohesive identity for events using signage to highlight sponsors, direct participants and spectators, and inform people of activities/events taking place.
Venu Booking
Whether you are planning to have a conference/meeting, concert, festivals, parties or any public, social and company events we are fully committed to secure the venue
Vendor Negotiations
Our ample Hospitality and marketing experience, lead us to understand how to negotiate favorable contracts for our clients along with building strong relationships with the vendors
A comprehensive marketing and promotional plan is important to the success of any event. Not only can we help you market your event put we can create the look and feel of it with our outstanding design team to help make your marketing materials standout!
For any of your events to make the event memorable and storytelling we can take professional Videography and photography documentations with a high picture, Audio and video qualities which we are committed and care the most to achieve
To create new business opportunity, address your company target market/customers or audiences and create brand awareness Advertising is the one of best way.
Skilled Staffs
Event Organized
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Do you really need and care for your events to make it successful, Unique, cost-effective, well planned and organized than you ever seen before we are dedicated to deliver a professional, effective, well organized and result-oriented sustainable service for our esteemed gusts. We are proactively involved to extra mile to ensure a successful engaging and memorable Events.

We wanted to create a company with the experience, skills and knowledge to help any positive event, no matter how large or how small, fulfill its ultimate potential.

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Successful corporate event planning takes more than just a great agenda and a high-quality venue. Preparation and multiple people in varying roles must all participate in order to deliver an executive-worthy event. Key stakeholders must be involved throughout the process; support staff must have clear directions, and the point person running it all must work closely with the entire team to bring it all together.

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